Euro Mattress is a joint venture company, using state of the art technology to manufacture high quality spring mattresses that are in conformity to British Standard BS 7177-2008. At Euro Mattress we make the very best Sleep Solution Products. Euro Mattress has shown exponential growth during its short term of establishment and will continue to maintain this momentum with dedication and innovation. WE ARE THE MATTRESS EXPERTS

Galaxy Mattress

Euro Industries are now manufacturing Export quality Memory Foam pocket spring mattresses. Using high density Imported Memory foam The Euro Galaxy range is one of the best Mattress and Pillows available in Pakistan.



Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocketed Spring mattresses are a newer and a more superior type of spring mattress.

In a Pocketed spring mattress the springs are wrapped inside an individual fabric case. Automated machines coil the wires and seal the coil inside the fabric encasement.Once wrapped, these individual springs are attached to each other to maintain the shape of the mattress. Since only the fabric encasement is attached the coils inside can move independently of the springs adjacent to it.


Bonnell Spring Mattress

The Bonnell spring is the classic Spring Unit, and has, through the years, proven its worth. It is made from around hourglass shaped springs which are tied together to form a mat. A round helical crosswise connects each single spring to a spring unit. Bonnell Spring is the oldest spring type technology and is currently widely used in the entry-level spring mattresses.