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Euro Rest is a new addition in our range. It is specially designed for those who are cost conscious. It is manufactured specifically for the rural areas and lower end market. It has all the Euro qualities minus a little thickness. We have guaranteed this mattress for 7 years.

Euro Sleep

Euro Sleep mattress has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the modern family. Beautiful contemporary design and durability are the main attributes of this mattress. This mattress consists of a high resilient spring unit covered with heavy duty underlay which provides medium support for you spine. Euro Sleep is second to none in reliability and looks.

Euro Star

Euro star is the star of our bonnell spring mattress collection. It has been specially designed keeping view the luxurious taste in the modern age. After considerable research our team has come up highly reliable and durable mattress providing medium to firm support to your body. The salient and exclusive features of the mattress are that its assembled spring unit consist of over 450 springs. High density foam is used on either side to give maximum pleasure and comfort.

Euro Soft

Euro Soft has been manufactured to high standards yet priced economically. It is the most popular mattress in our bonnell spring range. Consisting of flexible spring unit this mattress has been design particularly for people requiring softer support. Good quality foam is used to give it a softer and sumptuous feel.

Euro Fantasy

Euro fantasy is our best mattress in our bonnell spring range. Special imported knitted fabric is used in this mattress. The feeling and sensation is awesome. It is designed to give a sophisticated and modern look. Thick high density foam is used in both quilting & padding. Its spring unit is very powerful and can absorb weights over 100 kg per person.