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Euro Comfort

Euro comfort is one of our most popular mattresses. It is widely used in many the top end furnisher stores, hotels and resorts across Pakistan. It is very comfortable, durable and beautiful. Probably the best value for money pocket spring mattress in Pakistan. A life time guaranteed durable pocket spring base and luxurious padding are some of the qualities of this popular mattress. Our design and development team have designed Euro Comfort for the whole family.

Euro Flex

Euro flex is technically the most advance and most luxurious pocket spring mattress manufactured in our range. Consisting of over 900 spring pocketed in virgin non woven fabric. This mattress will assist your spine to be straight when you lie on you back. Euro flex provides beautiful firm support to the whole body. A plush layer of formulated high density foam has been used on either side to provide a relaxed feel. A layer hypo allergic spun bound fabric is used to make it medically anti-allergic. Euro flex is a luxury worthy of royalty.